In early 2018, after weeks of searching for my ideal watch, I decided to just create it myself. Lokken is a passion project of industrial design, brand creation and marketing.
Creative Direction
UX Design
Lokken was a conversation that became a reality. While designing the timepieces was exciting, the real challenge ahead would be the manufacturing, distribution and brand identity.
Project goals
Design and create a small series of wrist watches
Gain an understanding of a different design discipline
Work intimately with a manufacturer to bring my designs to life
Establish a credible brand in a newly saturated marketplace
Research methods & results
User interviews
Market research analysis
Customer journey
Industrial design research
Manufacturer locator
Prototype creation
One of the main reasons this project attracted me was the opportunity to work within a new discipline of design. While physical products carry a wide range unknowns compared to digital products – so much of what I’ve learned creating websites and apps came into fruition. Fundamentals with my design process and a thorough competitor research gave me confidence in the project. Being able to showcase early prototypes to a wide variety of audiences started to give me a good indicator of where Lokken would sit on the market.
Early ideas of how to build out the appropriate design funnels / how to build our audience and presence.
Industrial Design Challenges
Industrial design is unique when co-operating within the limits of what’s possible. What you can realise in a drawing or render can be out of the manufacturers capacity – and budget.

Clear and constant dialogue between myself and their account managers was paramount to matching my vision for these timepieces. Knowing when to concede on some of the smaller details lead to an overall design success.

Receiving test units and running workshops to gain feedback on the design was insightful, and resulted in several significant changes – foremost being the size of the dial. These events really gave me confidence before investing in the final order.
UX Challenges
While the industrial challenges were wrapping, I began work on identifying a clear customer journey. This came from interviews and studies of competitor flows within the market – helping me set our audience.

With an understanding of Facebook and Google Ads I was able to build campaigns within these audiences. And once going live I began iterating on the several variants of the campaigns.
Various imagery from customers & supporters of the brand over the launch
Lokken sold out of the original 200 limited edition timepieces within two months of going live. Currently, a second edition is on sale online and is also now stocked with Amazon Prime Europe.
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