Fuel Relief Fund is the world’s only charitable organisation focused exclusively on fuel provision in natural disasters and complex emergencies worldwide.
Fuel Relief Fund
UX Design
Website Development
FRF’s mission is to reduce human suffering in the wake of natural disasters by addressing critical fuel supply and access challenges. I was tasked with creating their new digital platforms.
Project goals
Create a larger awareness of the important work done by the FRF
Educate visitors of the importance of fuel relief in times of emergency
Create a fluid direct marketing funnel system to accept donations
Update volunteers and members with reports at ongoing deployments
Research methods & results
Director & voulenteer interviews
Market research analysis
Donor / user journey
Persona creation
Information Architecture
Creating personas and getting the correct information architecture together was the key to begin this project. Getting as hands-on with the non profit was integral, and learning their mission statement was behind every major decision made. Not only is the organisation behind this new platform, but every person who have been aided during times of crisis.
Visiting volunteers at a high impact area.
UX Challenges
Non profit organisations like the Fuel Relief Fund rely entirely on the money raised from donations. So the importance of their website and donor-facing presence will need to build the following things: Credibility, trust and a continuous sharing of progress.

So to build this awareness, and educate visitors to their platform was my key goal.
Wire-framing early ideas of different user flows. With the utmost goals around education, support and donations.
UX Solutions
Having the relevant information first and foremost was paramount to reducing their large bounce rate. Keeping the highest impact pieces to the top of the fold – through striking imagery and videos that best explained their work. Ensuring a simple and usable experience on every screen, while focusing on multiple layers of content and navigation. 
The Fuel Relief Fund is currently supporting victims of Hurricane Dorian. Their new website continues to update volunteers and gain new supporters and donors.
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